White Flowers

Every morning, as they rose to plant the earth and tend to the paradise bestowed upon them, Diana’s artistry was ignited, and Eric took to gather imagery with his camera. Together they crafted and produced T-shirts with their creations, and soon found themselves in showrooms, selling their bits of paradise to intrigued buyers across the country.
Through this, the magnetism of the garden remained, and their wish carve out a special space for others to experience its beauty grew. Their wish came true when the doors of the first brick and mortar White Flowers Gallery opened. Since then, it has been much more than a store, both to Eric and Diana, and to the customers who entered in.
Many have called it a place of healing. Many come into to marvel at the beauty, from the floors to the sky, and let their senses be ignited by the honest extension of two humble artists who want to share their home. Now, it is their wish to bloom beyond these walls and extend this magic to all.

Getting To White Flowers