Leasing/Tenant Information

The Shops of Grand River offers both permanent, short-term and pop-up leasing opportunities. Our Specialty Leasing Program is an ideal place to grow your business or create seasonal retail locations. Anything from warehouse sales, kiosks and pushcarts to in-line store space is a potential opportunity in our Specialty Leasing Program. This program is open to any type of retail, and is not limited to outlet store concepts. Join us and partner for success!

For National Leasing, please contact:
Simkin Group LLC | Ronald Simkin l simkingroup@gmail.com l (901) 484-7099

Short-Term & Pop-Up Leasing

Grand River’s Pop Up Shop and Short-Term Lease program is designed to help local, regional or online businesses, as well as local artisans, expand their business by connecting with customers and capitalizing on foot traffic in a short-term, low-cost space. Rental terms are flexible, ranging from a weekend to a year and everything in between.

Pop-Up Shop

The center has several spaces that are set-up and ready for you. Move-in ready stores equipped with fixtures, a sales counter, and display items. The terms are flexible, ranging from a weekend to a month. Longer term leases are available as well. Contact popshop@shopsofgrandriver.com

Retail Merchandising Units (RMU)

The center has two RMUs and one fixed kiosk. They are based on availability. The RMUs are located under the Atrium outside of the food court. The fixed kiosk is located inside the Food Court. RMUs are available for terms ranging from a weekend to a year.